Fishing boat designs
Steel hulled Fishing Vessels with aluminium superstructure. These fishing boat designs feature high flared bows and lean waterline entry and display a light bow wave and lack of squat under full power. Good load carriers they are designed principally for passive fishing such as long lining, cray, trap, seine, etc but have been used very successfully as small economical profitable trawlers. Construction is based on strong web frames with closely spaced longitudinals.
17m Jedgarra Designed  by Chris Williams Built F.C. Management
18m Bold Contender  Designed By Chris Williams
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21m Scorpian Class Longliner
designed by Chris Williams
24m Papanui designed by Chris Williams
24m Ocean Wanderer Series Shelter Deck Longliners
Designed by Chris Williams
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Chris J Williams   Marine Architect
Now is the time to build one of these much loved well proven designs