Chris J Williams   Marine Architect
Expedition Trawler Yacht Page

Length on Deck                     17m
Beam.                                       5.08m
Draft at 48 tonnes                  1.91m
Fuel Capacity                          10000 litres
Aft Accommodation              four or to suit   
Frwd Accommodation           four
Speed                                       10 knots plus with 200 SHP which is operating voyage speed also

At 10 knots the fuel consumption for a modern engine would be less than 3.75 litres per mile (less than 38 litres per hour) which gives a range at constant top speed of better than 2666 miles. Of course the range is even greater at less speed.

This is a true rough water vessel able to set out and stay out safely in pretty bad weather. Construction is 6mm th steel hull with 5mm th marine aluminium (marine aluminum) deckhouse. The bow sections are very deep and steep and these vessels can be driven into steep seas at full speed without pounding, even when the bow is driven through into open air.

You would be very happy indeed with this well proven vessel for  economical, comfortable, safe, ocean cruising with excellent resale value as a Chris Williams design.
17m Trawler Sailer designed by Chris Williams (Same hull as Fishing Vessel  Papanui)
Chris J Williams   Marine Architect